Fundamental Spiritual Values

Shri RamTatva Sadhana

Shri KrishnaTatva Sadhana

Shri Buddhatva Sadhana

Shri Ramtatva MahaSadhana is the Spiritual Sadhana wherein one holistically empowers oneself and uses one’s resources and skills not for one’s personal materialistic pursuits, but for the development of the most disenfranchised, backward sections of society in a Selfless, Fearless and Egoless manner thus creating a Discrimination-Free, United and Empowered Society.

To never let your Self-Created, Self-Destructive Fear, lethargy, complacency, indifference get in the way of Hindutva Sadhana and to ‘strategically prepare’ the society to collectively address issues facing the nation without ever appeasing any anti-social, anti-humanitarian entity due to Self-Created, Self-Destructive Fear is Shri KrishnaTatva MahaSadhana.

Shri Buddhatva Sadhana, in the true sense is, to never be attached to our status, wealth, resources, but instead, having a sense of Compassion and thus, dedicate our Empowerment, our Spiritual Potential towards the Holistic Welfare of the Entire Humanity.

This Selfless Holistic Empowerment Sadhana has manifested through the lives of many Divine Incarnations like Lord Mahavir, Maharshi Valmiki, Guru Gobind Singhji, Samarth Ramdasji etc. With this Selfless Sadhana at the core, Hindutva Abhiyan is actualizing an Ecology of Holistic Empowerment for the welfare of the socio-economically backward sections of the society.