Hindutva Abhiyan

A Humanitarian Mass Movement of Holistic Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Job Creation and Spiritual Renaissance!

Hindutva is the essence of the Highest Spiritual Values of our Civilisation, which lays the foundation for an integrated, egalitarian, united, empowered society, free of regressive divisions based on caste, gender, language, regional disparities, economic status etc. Holistic Empowerment of an Individual as well as the Society at large is the Fundamental Essence of Hindutva Abhiyan MahaSadhana.

Various Socio-Spiritual Initiatives led by Hindutva Abhiyan focus on empowering the marginalised, tribal and backward communities by imparting industrial skills, generating employment and integrating the socially and economically disenfranchised communities into the mainstream of Hindutva i.e. Holistic Empowerment. This economic and social empowerment coupled with the timeless wisdom of Hindutva, becomes the medium of ushering in a Spiritual Renaissance.

This is the core ideology with which Shri Lahiri Guruji has initiated a global spiritual movement – Hindutva Abhiyan – which aims to rid society of regressive Social divisions and discrimination on basis of caste, language, region etc. and thus collectively institutionalize Spiritual Harmony and Ecology of Holistic Empowerment MahaSadhana.