Rashtra Rishi Shri Lahiri Guruji

Hindutva is the Spiritual Essence of Hindu Dharma… the highest manifestation of Indian Spiritual Values… rising above our Ego, influences of our Mind… and realizing our true Spiritual Potential!!!

– Rashtra Rishi Shri Lahiri Guruji

Param Poojaniya Gurudev Rashtra Rishi Shri Lahiri Guruji is one of the most prominent and enlightened Spiritual Guru of our time and the Torchbearer of the ‘Bharatiya Sanatan Rishi Sanskriti – the timeless tradition of Indian Spirituality’ which is manifestation of Eternal Holistic Empowerment MahaSadhana. Shri Lahiri Guruji has dedicated his entire life in this Selfless Sadhana dedicated towards creation of an Integrated Ecology of Holistic Empowerment for overall upliftment of entire Humanity.

Shri Lahiri Guruji’s repute as a Spiritual Guru is unique in that Guruji is a highly qualified and an extremely successful professional. Educated in the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T) and with an advanced degree in ‘Risk Management’, Shri Lahiri Guruji presently heads the Consultancy division of one of the world’s leading IT companies thus actualizing the Spiritual values of the ancient Indian Sages’ Divine Tradition of being self-sufficient in fulfilling one’s basic needs and using one’s own empowerment in the Selfless Sadhana of Holistically Empowering the Humanity which is the Spiritual Essence of Hindutva.

Shri Lahiri Guruji has successfully guided creation of Entrepreneurial Ecologies in Rural, Tribal demographies and trained them in instilling Productive Consciousness in their work lives, personal lives thus enabling them in achieving upward Socio-Economic Mobility. Thus, Shri Lahiri Guruji has enabled establishment of Modern Growth Strategies and Innovative Solutions in the remotest corners of our nation such as Digitization, Optimal Financial Solutions, Local organizational strategies, Enabling Connectivity with Urban Market Centers, Global Supply Chain, Access to Technological Solutions, Logistical Support etc.; this has enabled Capacity Building among the Socially & Economically Disadvantaged Sections and their overall welfare.

Shri Lahiri Guruji has institutionalized Cognitive and Strategic thinking among Millions of Rural Youth of Central India especially among the youth belonging to Disadvantaged & Disenfranchised sections of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Odisha, Jharkhand, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and entire tribal belt of Central India; resulting into their holistic empowerment; thus Guruji has dedicated following in millions across all demography such as Farmers, Rural as well as Urban Youth, Tribals, Entrepreneurs, Urban Professionals etc.

The values of Selfless-Fearless-Egoless Sadhana for Holistic Empowerment of Humanity as actualized by Param Poojaniya Shri Lahiri Guruji remain the Spiritual Inspiration for Hindutva Abhiyan.