Who is a Hindu?

A Hindu is one who imbibes and manifests Shri Ramtatva MahaSadhana, Shri Krishnatatva MahaSadhana and Shri Buddhatva MahaSadhana in one’s own life by implementing Following Three Fundamental Spiritual Practices (3 ‘Aradhana’ of a Hindu) and Six Fundamental Duties of a Hindu.

Three Fundamental Spiritual Practices of every Hindu

(हर हिन्दू की तीन आराधना)

Shaurya MahaSadhana:

Resolving to Fearlessly work towards the empowerment and preservation of our Rashtra (Nation), Dharma (Hindutva) and Sanskriti (Civilization) from Anti-Humanitarian elements whilst rising above our “I, Me, Mine” and Self-Created Self-Destructive Fear.

Shakti MahaSadhana:

Empowering oneself holistically with the purpose of uplifting the very last person in the society.

Sangathan MahaSadhana:

The unification of all Nationalist, Humanitarian forces working towards a discrimination-free, exploitation-free, egalitarian, empowered nation and society, the commitment to forever uphold righteousness and Dharma.