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Navcharan Gayatri MahaSadhana:
An Extremely Profound Meditation Technique that Any One can Ever Practice!

Navcharan Gayatri MahaSadhana is an extremely Profound Spiritual MahaSadhana technique given to us by Param Poojaniya Gurudev ji Rashtra Rishi Shri Lahiri GURUJI.

It greatly enhances your Focus, Memory Power, Brain Power, Stress Management, overcoming Depression and negative thoughts, boosting self-confidence. Divine Energy of Navcharan Gayatri MahaSadhana also removes all obstacles and negativity from our families, while fostering positivity and affection.

It also helps in certain long term health problems like Asthama, Long Covid problems, Brain fog, Neural related issues. Navcharan Gayatri MahaSadhana is the Only Meditative Technique that Enhances the Neural Prowess of Human Brain and accomplishes Neural Regeneration. It increases neuro plasticity and enables us to gradually use 100 per cent of the power of our Neurons.

This video brings to you the Divine Opportunity of Learning the Profound Science of Navcharan Gayatri MahaSadhana in detail from Param Poojaniya Gurudev ji HIMSELF.

OM Namah Shivay